Ghost house in Malta.One night, three young men who were fascinated with village feasts, visited the village feast of Mellieħa. As they were walking towards their car during the early hours of the morning, they started to discuss the fireworks they had just seen. On entering the vehicle, Simon who was at the wheel, realized that his car was dead and they could not go home…

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a middle-aged man approached them and offered his assistance. He told them that if they wanted, they could go to his house so that they could phone someone to come and pick them up. Daniel, Simon and John agreed and followed the man home.
As soon as they entered the house, they could feel a cold breeze around them. The house was covered in cobwebs and everywhere around them they could see piles of unused furniture and old boxes. Evidently, the house had been unoccupied for around 50 years. Simon was shown the telephone and he dialed his dad to come and pick them up. The man asked if they wanted some coffee and Simon and Daniel replied in the affirmative. On the other hand, John waited outside, as he did not feel comfortable in that huge house.

While the man was busily making coffee, Daniel could not help but notice the cobwebs that filled the coffee cups! Clearly, they had been unused for a very long time! The kitchen was also very old and not functionable to the standards we have today. Luckily for Simon, there was a knock on the door and his dad had arrived. Unfortunately however, the rope he had brought from home to tow the car was too short to be able to provide support. In the meantime, Daniel was asked if he would like to be given a tour of the enormous house, and he had no alternative but to accept. John was outside and Simon was with his father discussing how they were going to tow the car. The man climbed a long flight of steps and explained to Daniel, that this house had gone through several misfortunes.

A woman had fell down the flight of steps and was found dead. Her husband was so grieved by her death, that he hanged himself in this very spot, said the man. As soon as the man spoke these words, there was a knock on the door, and Daniel flew to open. He was so terrified when he listened to these accounts the man had told him, that he felt he was not in a safe place at that time of night! He quickly bid farewell to this kind stranger, and went near his friends. This man however, showed them more kindness as he offered the youngsters a very long rope they could use to tow their car with. There was only one condition however, that they returned it as soon as they had used it. The youngsters never did, as they were too scared to return.

As a consequence of this, Simon had 2 accidents in the course of 10 months, his car stereo was stolen and he had to change his car battery more than twice. This was a bad omen. He had not returned the man’s rope… Had the rope the man had given them, been used (by the man) to hang himself?

After several years had passed, Simon returned to the same spot where the house was, and asked around to see if there existed any strange stories about the house. At first he was told that an old woman had lived in this house, but later he was told that a man had hung himself in the house he was enquiring about and that it was haunted. Simon felt a shiver all over his body, and confirmed that all the strange occurrences his friends and he had experienced, were nothing but a close encounter with a ghost!