Bettina had to take care of her three young children, as well as her siblings as her mother had died. Unfortunately, her husband’s wage was not enough for them to live on, and she worked as a maid for the wealthy families of Mdina.

Since Malta was going through hard times, Bettina lost her job as her employer told her that her services were no longer required. Bettina was devastated, as she had no money and hungry mouths to feed. She resorted to go and speak to a pious friar and told him of her misfortunes. Friar Tom told her that she had to pray and ask for God’s providence. Although Bettina was penniless, she still offered her customary small amount of money for mass, for the repose of all souls.

On her way home, she bumped into a young, handsome and well-educated man and when she excused herself, he told her not to worry, as in life, there are far more serious things than that. Consequently, he told her “You need work am I correct? Go to that street and you will see a huge iron gate. The house is enormous. Go there and let them know you can help them”. Perplexed Bettina, did as the young man told her, and found the enormous house with the big iron gate. The lady of the house let her in. Bettina asked if they needed anyone to wash their clothes, floors and dust their furniture. At first, the lady behaved in a very cold manner towards her as her previous maid, had been caught stealing from her, but when she asked Bettina who told her that she needed a maid, the latter’s reply both shocked and delighted her.

Bettina innocently pointed at the photograph the opulent lady had on her table and Lady Montgomery cried with joy. “It can’t be! That’s my son. He’s been dead for four years now!” Bettina related how serene and cordial he was in her regard, and from that moment on, Lady Montgomery told her that she can start to work for her as from the following day. Her children were also welcome to visit the mansion.

Bettina’s mass for all souls had helped her find a job through a kind presence, as this ghost was after all no poltergeist, but someone who wanted to help both his mother and a kind and genuine woman like Bettina.