Helper on the streets in Marsa, Malta.The story I am about to relate, had two very close protagonists- my mother and sister. The incident occurred about thirteen years ago, near the grotto of Our Lady in a very busy street in Marsa.

One particular evening, mum was with my sister driving on her way home. Unfortunately she had to stop her car, as she realized that the car’s tyre had been punctured. Mum stopped the car near the grotto of Our Lady, and went out of her car to check the problematic source. Before she could phone the towing services, a friendly fifty something year old man appeared and asked my mum if she needed any help with the tyre. Mum explained that she had had a puncture and before long, the man was changing the punctured tyre to the spare wheel.

I remember mum was amazed with the agility of this man’s movements. When the tyre was ready, and mum turned around to thank this man for his kindness, she could see no-one close by. This story still gives me the chills. Mum is certain that they were assisted by a heavenly angel or a good spirit, as his fast movements to fix the problem were impressive! She told my then seven year old sister, to exit the car and to pray in front of Our Lady for the kind assistance they had received.