Mario, who is a business man and owns several household outlets around the island has a very interesting story for our blog.

He relates the story his 2 salesgirls experienced in one of his shops. On a bright sunny morning, a mysterious lady visited Mario’s shop and started to examine every object there was in the shop. Upon seeing a plain white vase, she stopped her search around the aisles in the outlet, and started to examine this particular object and after some close examination, she decided to purchase the item.

With the white vase in her hand and her purse underneath her arm pits, she approached the salesgirl who was behind the counter. She did not utter a single word to the girl in the shop, and placed the vase as well as her purse on the glass countertop. Until the salesgirl bent down to get a bag from inside the counter, the old lady disappeared into thin air! She did not take the vase, but left her purse behind her.

The perplexed salesgirl asked her colleague if she had seen this old lady walk out of the shop, but the latter informed her that she had seen nobody exit the shop’s door. This was a truly strange occurrence. Greta decided to phone her boss and ask him if he could perhaps come around to the shop as she had a very strange story to tell him. When Mario got to know about the incident, he decided to open the purse, so that he could see if it contained some form of identification. He only found a few loose change, an old document which was used in order to vote and a piece of paper with a telephone number written in black ink. As he looked at the voting document, the name read “Salvina Farrugia”. He wasted no time as he wanted to return the purse to its owner. He dialled the number that was written in black ink and waited for an answer at the other end of the line.

“Hello”, said a cheerful lady’s voice at the other end of the phone. “Hello, my name is Mario and I’d like to ask if Salvina Farrugia lives in the household…” The lady’s voice seemed to have changed from its initial cheerfulness. “Why do you ask?,” she replied. One of my salesgirls here at the shop has informed me, that Salvina came to buy a vase this morning, and left her purse behind her”, said Mario.

“That can’t be!” said the lady. She’s my husband’s mother and she has been dead for the past 10 years!” she replied. “Well, she was here this morning,” said Mario. “You can visit my shop at your own convenience so as to collect her purse”, he continued.

On relating this chilling story to his salesgirls, Greta, the young lady who had attended to the mysterious lady, was so scared that she decided to visit the cemetery to see whether she could find her grave, and in fact she did. On the gravestone, she could see the same vase, the old lady had tried to buy. “I will ask the parish priest to conduct mass for the repose of your soul Salvina,” she said. “May you rest in peace!”