Woman from the Painting in Zabbar, Malta.One hot summer night, two police constables were on their night shift at the Zabbar police station. Suddenly, a couple from Libya rushed in, and they were in such a state of shock, that they started to talk together, without giving each other time to speak. Out of breath, and clad in their night attire (which was a very strange factor given their culture and religious beliefs), they explained the shocking facts that brought them there.

Since it was very hot, they went downstairs for a drink of water, when suddenly the man saw a woman clad in black coming out of a painting which hung by the wall… At first, he could not believe what he was seeing, but when his wife also saw her, they were terrified and their hairs stood on end! The lady in the picture started to walk towards them, and with her arms opened wide and her mouth streaming with blood, she asked: “WHY?” The couple rushed out of the house, not paying any heed to the clothes they were wearing.

The kind policemen gave them blankets to cover their shoulders and listened attentively to what they had just experienced. The constable in charge and his helper decided to take the couple back to their house, so they could get some clothes for them to wear, but the couple told the policemen, that they did not want to get in that house again. On seeing this, the constable in charge decided to go and get the couple’s belongings himself and this would give him the opportunity to check the house for any mysterious occurrences. The other constable waited in the car with the couple outside the main entrance.

The constable switched on his torch and checked every nook and cranny, and no sooner had he entered the kitchen when the ghost started to approach him. Luckily, he had already filled a garbage bag with the couple’s clothes.

When the policemen were back at the police station, they discussed the fact that they had recognized the house and they both agreed on the horrific murder that had occurred in it.

The following day, their superior enquired about the report they had filed, as it was not that clear to him. They explained the whereabouts of the house and the strange occurrences that had occurred the previous night, and their superior also confirmed the murder which had taken place some years back.

After some thought, the superintendent asked his subordinates to first bring the man, and at a later stage, the woman for some identification procedures. He placed some phots of a series of women and amongst them, there was a picture of the aforementioned ghost. The man took only a few seconds to identify the scary lady, and his wife, did the same however, she added that the lady was wearing the same clothes she was wearing in the painting.

Thus, they had evidently witnessed a tormented ghost, who was roaming the house in search of answers…