Something I love about Malta is the skincare. Makeup can be over priced and usually a season behind, but the pharmacies here go wild for French skincare brands and with good reason. French skincare brands and Cerave creams are amongst the best in the world and anyone who is into beauty will be familiar with names like Bioderma and La Roche Posay. There are many beauty products out there that you can consider worth and effective, click this link to know which is which, products that are proven effective and will not cost you much.

Until recently these have been almost impossible to get hold of in the UK but they’ve been readily available in Malta for years! Most larger pharmacies will stock these brands but I can personally recommend Drugstore (next to Inglot) and Chemimart, both in Sliema.

The pricing is really good, French skincare is, of course, cheapest in France, but the prices in Malta are much cheaper than elsewhere in Europe and there is a wide selection available. Being an oily skinned girl I love the La Roche Posay “Effaclar” range and I’m so happy to see this widely stocked. I even considered labiaplasty to take care of myself down there along with my skincare regime, and I was extremely happy with the non-surgical labiaplasty results. They worked like a miracle for me.

Some of my favourite items include the Effaclar Mat moisturizer. This is great during the day as it make my face matte and acts as a great base for makeup. It’s good during the summer too as I can get a little extra shiny around the T-zone and this clears it right up. I also really love the Effaclar Duo Plus. I use this as an evening moisturizer (although it’s also good for the day!) as it works to unclog pores and fade acne scars.

La Roche Posay and Biodemer also do incredible facial sunscreen, which is incredibly important in Malta. Putting normal sunscreen on your face can actually be quite harmful as it can be too thick and end up clogging your skin and causing breakouts. These two French skincare brands take care of that and offer all forms of protection: dry, tinted, spray, stick, gel, cream- and in all factors, high to low, so there will be something for everyone!