Eye Laser Surgery in Malta

With Malta fast gaining a reputation as one of the top places to visit for health tourism, the innovative technique of eye laser surgery is becoming extremely topical. Although only specialist hospitals use this advanced method, this is available in Malta and is normally used to repair torn retinas or other complex eye problems.

Anesthetic is essential to perform eye surgery as the whole process is extremely laborious and highly complicated. The surgery process can also include laser remodeling of the cornea or interventions to eliminate cataracts.

The latter is by far the most common process currently used in Malta. Laser surgery can also cure several conditions such as myopia and astigmatism which up to a few years ago were deemed to be incurable.

Costs for eye laser surgery are relatively high and can run into tens of thousands of Euros for prolonged treatment although this depends up to a certain extent on the complexity of the procedures involved. Average costs for simple interventions are around EUR 1500 for a simple cataract operation. Recovery is usually instantaneous in these cases but is obviously slightly longer for more complex procedures. There have been no painful after effects reported for simple eye laser surgery although the eye obviously must be covered properly for some after laser interventions to prevent infections and complications.

Malta boasts a state of the art state hospital network which is chiefly centred around the recently built Mater Dei Hospital. This can accommodate 800 patients on an acute care basis with recovery time often being on a same day basis. There is currently a long list of cataract operations pending but this is being tackled and laser surgery is being used on a regular basis for these interventions. Private hospitals such as St James in Sliema and Zabbar also offer eye laser surgery although this is on a case by case and low volume basis.

Eye Laser Surgery Key facts:

  • Average cost of cataract intervention: EUR 1500;
  • Recovery time after operation: Immediate to 1 day;
  • Pain factor: Normally nil but could be slightly painful for more complex procedures.

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2 Responses

  1. Ana-Maria Calin says:

    I booked an eye laser lecture in English at St James Sliema, which was supposed to happen today. I arrived in time just 5 mins before 2:30pm and was told to wait at reception until someone calls us. Round 3pm I was getting impatient and tried to ask reception what’s going on. First off, was told to go in the queue again WTF then the same receptionist (some middle aged woman) called somewhere to see why noone came for us. We overheard the conversation: she was told should have sent us up at 2:30pm cause the lecture was over already. Very unorganized to say the least and not professional at all.

  2. Joseph says:

    I am writing to apply for a medical evaluation of a treated left eye tumor, which caused my mother to lose her sight and is now paining her so much even after the surgery. Hope you can be of help. Regards, Joseph.

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