Beauty and self esteem issues in Malta.Summer is just round the corner and wherever I turn I meet people who are either dieting, exercising or going through procedures to make themselves look more attractive, especially on the beach. This, in itself, is great-as long as it is done for the right reasons.

As we all know, not all of us are blessed with great bodies, perfect skin and beautiful faces-actually a very small percentage have all three. To make things worst, Maltese people, are unfortunately prone to be overweight. In fact Malta has the highest rate of obesity and weight problems in the EU according to the World Heath Organisation.

However, we must remind ourselves that beauty is perceived in different ways by different people and true beauty always comes from within our physical body. Remember that the way you feel about yourself results in the beauty others will see in you.

I myself am the mother of two children in the early twenties-both have their own beauty, both have their insecurities. At this moment in time, I am constantly hearing complaints of being unfit, too fat, to white, too hairy, no waistline, no six pack and I am positive that most young adults and ALL adolescents are acting the same way.

This lack of insecurity and self-confidence is all the result of pressure put on all of us by all social media, portraying men and women as gods and goddesses of beauty and perfection intimating that anyone who does not look like that is lacking in same form. This is false and so untrue. Perfection like that comes through a lot of hard work and sacrifice and these have to be faced constantly, every day.

You must teach yourself, and more importantly, teach your children, how to accept yourself and find the beauty inside you. If and when you decide to diet, exercise, dye your hair, undergo cosmetic procedures-whatever, make sure it is because you want to do it for yourself, for our own satisfaction and for your own pleasure.

A lot of people miss out so much in life, many do not go to beaches or gyms, others cover themselves in voluminous clothing, most will eat salads all their life and will feel guilty just looking at anything that tastes good. The worst thing about all this is that people who have such insecurities are often unhappy, depressed, and nervous and have forgotten how to enjoy themselves. All this culminates into a big cloud of negativity hovering over their head, often affecting the way they look at people around them and the way they treat them. Negativity is the mother of all evil, and this is the reason others will find them unattractive.

Do you want to carry a negative cloud? We are so lucky to be living in such beautiful surroundings, fantastic weather, fresh food and beautiful beaches. It should be easy to have the best of both worlds, but unfortunately for many, it isn’t.

Trying to better yourself is always a good thing, but not at the detriment of other things in life. Learn to love the way you are, the way you look, feel confident and believe in yourself. This is the beauty that matters. This is the beauty that others will see in you and this is the beauty that matters the most. Teach yourself and your children how to appreciate life and all it has to offer. Well being, self confidence and happiness are the best cosmetics anybody needs.