Christmas Valletta, Malta.Only one week left until Christmas and I was missing Christmas feeling. So I decided to go to Valletta as in a city I live they are not really focusing on this Christmas spirit. Somehow I had a feeling the capital will satisfy my needs and I was right.

Right after entering the main street I was deeply impressed. After long years I was happy again for Christmas spirit and all the Christmas lights.

Just like I would rejuvenate, I felt like 13 again and wanted touch and try all the nice Christmas decorations. The whole main street is dressed into shining silver, so I strongly recommend to everyone a short visit until the season is not over. I am still in love with the dazzling Valletta Christmas tree, which is actually not even a tree, but a sum of shining bubbles arranged in a tree shape.

After the first look I knew I found there what I was looking for. But if all of these wouldn’t be enough, the city was able to enhance its beauty and my surprise. Suddenly I found myself in a middle of a smaller Christmas parade. Children and adults, boys and girls dressed in Christmas costumes marched along the whole street, while dancing and playing famous Christmas songs on their instruments. The line ended of course with the horse carriage of the waving Santa Claus.

Most probably they are doing this show every single evening starting at 6pm if you are interested. But just to show what I am talking about I made some pictures and videos as well.