Malta is a nation situated in the Mediterranean Sea, in between North Africa and Europe. The densely nation is around 90-95 km to the south of Sicily. It is composed of seven islands, of which only three are inhabited. Malta is one of the smallest most densely populated countries with an estimated area of 316 km2.

The country has been invaded a large number of time due to its strategic location. The country is mainly dominated catholic in faith. Here are some facts about the nation:

(1) The airlines

There are many deals for flights especially from other locations to Malta especially during the winter and fall months. These opportunities’ booked in advance in most cases. Tourists should also know that many airlines to Malta, offer cumbrous conditions for the taller traveller, especially in regard to leg space.

(2) Lack of English in certain areas

Despite English being an official language in the Malta, not everyone speaks it well. However, this holds a fact for a few Maltese drivers who run the bus system. Tourists, should double check that they are heading to the correct destination if they suspect that a driver or other employees is not fluent in English language.

(3) Siestas, Sundays and holidays

For instance, the pharmacies are closed during the afternoons and on Sundays. Therefore, check the hours of the places you want to visit before going, as it might be closed without much warning.

(4) A taxi company’s number

Ensure that you have a number of a reliable taxi service. The Maltese bus system does not have night time services in many places. Many of the interesting locations are far away from cities. In order to enjoy and linger some of the incidences which take place in nights and later evenings, have a taxi companies’ number.

(5) The island’s wildlife

Malta doesn’t have big and savage animals. There are plenty of birds and small furry creatures. There are also large numbers of cats on the island. They can travel up at late night. Jellyfish are also available at some of the beaches, so have a look before running right in.

(6) The tap water

Some tourists have had annoying experiences after drinking water from the tap. The water has cause illness on a few for up to a couple of days later. To simply avoid the problem, just drink clean bottled water.

(7) Sensitivity to the country’s history

Malta has been vanquished many times in the past. Groups as diverse as the French and the Phoenicians have laid their claim to the place. The country was also a part of the Arab conquests that took place in North Africa and some parts of Southern Europe.
The Maltese populace is not excited when they are told that they look like they are from Turkey in particular.

(8) Other islands to visit

There are two other nearby islands that are also a part of the nation; Gozo and Comino. Comino is sparsely populated with amazing scenery while Gozo also has numerous historical sites.

(9) The police

The Maltese police are very friendly and often let themselves be photographed by and with tourists. The police are always willing to give directions and recommendations on the places to visit. They may even guide you personally if the location of a place is close.

(10) Diversity of the people

There are large numbers of foreigners aside from the natives, who occasionally visit and even live in the country permanently. The quality of life being relatively inexpensiveness attracts many individuals and businesses, since the country lacks sales tax.

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