Graffiti in Malta.Graffiti isn’t really a big part of Malta. It’s not a big problem like in other countries I’ve visited where all buildings, plain or grand, are destroyed with ugly scrawling, profanities and illegible, ignorant political agendas. I have admiration for talented street artists but 99% of the time graffiti is not street art it is ugly, ruins the whole area around it and is, ultimately, meaningless.

I feel so proud to live in a country where it’s not commonplace for people to deface others property and ruin the grandeur of glorious old buildings, or spoil the clean, minimalist look of more modern property. Art should be fun, thought provoking, beautiful and classy. It should not be damaging or detrimental to someone’s life, property or well being.

In 2013 Malta held a street art festival in Sliema and they’re repeating the event this year from 18th – 20th July. It’s a time for music, partying, painting and celebration. You can enjoy it as a painter, a musician or an onlooker. You can find the full details of the event and how to get involved on their website but what I can tell you, as someone who has never experienced or participated in some event, is what it leaves the country with.

Painted bench along the coast road in Malta.It leaves Malta with a safe creative outlet for those who enjoy this type of hobby. It gives them somewhere for them to flourish and engage in their passion without ruining peoples property and without running the risk of trouble. It leaves the rest of us with lovely clean apartments and hotels, but gorgeous pieces of artwork dotted about the city- tastefully and un-obstructively for us to enjoy.

Malta is a country where you generally feel like you are stepping back in time, both the look and the attitude of this island don’t quite feel like 2014, however well organized events like this really bring us into the present and show how cool this island can be, to the rest of the world.