Once upon a time I decided to leave my home to discover new places and I chose to visit a little island in a middle of the Mediterranean Sea: MALTA.

Malta is one of the world’s smallest states, only 316 km2. So small, easy to hide. But actually this is not true. It’s the most densely populated country worldwide, full of people from other countries. These years the island is a popular tourist destination, with 1.2 million tourists per year. I am/was one of them too.

Malta is located between Sicily and North Africa, consists of its 3 largest islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. The climate is subtropical-mediterranean, very hot and dry, especially the summer-time. Rain occurs only in winter. The capital is on the main island, called Valletta. It’s an increadibly religious republic, with Roman Catholic religion, which means no topless girls in public places (guys, what a pity), or you’ll be penalized. There are more than 360 churches, the women are wearing non-sexual clothes covering and hiding their body, so it’s not surprising when all men are watching pretty tourist girls in sexy bikinis.

There are two official languages in use: the Maltese and English. So if you decided to visit the island, don’t have to worry about misunderstanding with the locals, because almost everyone speaks the universal English language. The only one word I learnt in Maltese and it is the word which everyone knows: the universal “mela”. What is funny, it doesn’t even have an exact meaning. Probably it is something like “hey” and usually they start every second sentence with that.

A frequent Maltese habit is to party. They always find a reason to celebrate more often in a week. But it’s probably because of the foreign people who are coming to drink, dance and get rid of the everyday’s problems.

Very annoying habit is the firework. For me it is still something inconceivable who needs fireworks at the morning, the afternoon and of course at night. Fireworks are beautiful. At the beginning I was watching and adoring them, filled with a big amount of happiness. But if it wakes you up at the morning or when you can’t fall asleep at night, it’s not a pleasure anymore. What makes me more curious about the fireworks is that nobody knows the reason. I haven’t figured it out until today.

But let’s go back to the celebration. The people know how to celebrate there. The religious atmosphere gives a lot of possibilities to several days of reverly. The Saint Julian’s Festival is one of the biggest and longest summer party on the island. It is beginning at the morning and finishing the next one. Loud music from early morning, streets full of people, sellers and dancing (drunk) people everywhere. It is a funny day/night, you just have to be strong and tough enough to survive it.

In Malta they also celebrate every single public holiday when they don’t have to work the next day. Even the Carnival in Malta has a very important place in the calendar. What is very famous the MTV music festival, which is organized every year since 2007.

I lived through the best months of my life with the best experiences, adventures and people I could meet there.