You might already saw and heard the Maltese version of this Korean song, which reached 1 billion views on 21.12.2012 (who knows if it happened by coincidence or this was the End of the World what the Mayans predicted).

I have mixed feelings about the song. I admit it is a track which is going on your nerves, but on the other hand you can’t stop troll the tune. Let me share with you this mentioned Maltese Style video and tell the facts, why I actually love this tiny island.

Malta is the smallest island in the Mediterranean area with only 316 km2. This makes it one of the smallest states in the world. It is also the most densely populated country worldwide with 1,306 inhabitants/km2. Since it’s full of non-local people, you can find here the world’s every nationality. I guess after couple of months staying here I can call the island as my home. Well, my Second Home.

While watching the Gangam-Maltese video it was such a good feeling seeing those places and knowing I was there, but to turn the topic more serious let me show you the real (notgangam) Maltese style video.

By watching this I have several pictures in my head reminding me why I actually love this place so much and why is everybody literally stuck here or always coming back.

The movie starts with rainy pictures, which is not the best start. Just continue watching as about Malta everyone knows that it is a warm Mediterranean country with lot of fun and sunshine. The pictures from the airport: happy and sad memories, the first and last place what you see when coming to or leaving from the island and saying “welcomes” or “goodbyes”.

But every time after you arrive, the first thing you see is the sun, the second is the sea – and this all makes you feel free, happy and satisfied. Malta is a very colorful country. Despite of the grey rain, the sun makes every single picture you shoot full of colors: the light blue sky, the deep blue sea, the green palms all around, the typical Maltese yellowish bricks and rocks are the things which are giving you a natural colored image. If these objects wouldn’t be enough, there are some more things, which are boosting your picture and those are the wooden balconies on every house or building in every possible color and the boats at every single bay.

Also very typical for the island are the narrow curlicue roads. I admit driving at these roads (especially after the implementing the new huge Arriva buses) is not the most comfortable drive. But some people are brave enough and the local Maltese are used to it anyways. 🙂 One more thing what makes the country more special is the left-side driving.

The beaches from rocks may not seem the most comfortable for sunbathing, but at least your swimming suit is not full of sand, what can be pretty uncomfortable, we all know. 🙂 But thanks to the rocks, the water is very clean, so the diving pretty popular here. Of course if you wish for a sunny beach with crowd and sunshades on every square meter, you can get it on the northern part of the island.

I’m sure everyone heard about places called Blue Lagoon. Well, guess what, we have Blue Lagoon as well. After all during the summer there are regular and party boats going there daily, which is a three hours voyage from the main island.

It’s not accidental, that the island is visited mostly by the youth. You want to party? Come to Malta! Restaurants open ’till late night and clubs ’till early morning in the famous Paceville with loud music and crowd and the above mentioned party boats give you the possibility to meet new people, new habits and new languages. Somehow people on vacations are more open to start conversations with strangers. Here everyone is happy, everyone is friendly and nobody cares where are you from or which language you speak. You always find a common language for discussion.

It is surprising or not, but lot of people are coming/moving to Malta because of gambling. It’s not a secret that there are several betting companies running really good here, which are ensuring work opportunities for many people. Even if you are just a tourist, you can’t miss to go for one night to the casino and have fun even if you are losing money – that’s what holidays are for! 🙂

Do you like cats? Then you absolutely have to visit this island! Cats are literally everywhere on the streets. These cats are not running away. The cats are friendly and brave enough for sunbathing on the top of cars.

Does Malta have disadvantages? Of course, just like every place and country has. Arriva buses blocking the traffic, building constructions lasting twice longer than usual, the weird local language… But let’s admit we love the possibility to say: ONLY IN MALTA! 🙂 I’m passionate about this tiny place and I’m proud of being resident. It’s a fact that there are much better and nicer places, but somehow and for some reason we love this island.