MSPCA, Malta.The MSPCA, which is an acronym standing in for the Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals, is the oldest registered charity organisation in Malta aiming, amongst other things, towards taking care of and re-homing stray, unwanted, or abandoned animals.

When Malta was still a British colony, this organisation was a branch of the UK RSPCA, however after Malta’s Independence in 1964, it still continued to work towards these aims first as a government funded entity, and later, as of 2009, becoming a voluntary organisation whereby expenses are mainly covered through donations, membership fees, and fundraising activities.

Being officially recognised by the Maltese Government as the national animal welfare organisation, the MSPCA, most commonly known as the SPCA, aims at educating future generations in the proper care and responsibility needed in order to actually be able to own and manage domestic animals properly in today’s society. With this target in mind, the organisation frequently hosts activities such as animal fairs, and opportunities whereby one can ‘sponsor’ a dog or cat, and thereby help maintain the cost of a particular animal at the MSPCA centre in Floriana, without actually needing to take it home, should this not be convenient. There are many ways in which one can help and make a difference in a dog or cat’s life. One can donate food, warm bedding, like towels and blankets, dog baskets, cat litters, animal toys, or even things like liquid laundry detergents, hand sanitizers or bleach, which would aid in keeping the place where these sweet animals are kept clean.

The MSPCA organises a huge number of fund raising activities throughout the year, especially in Spring. One can even choose a dog and take him for a walk. And of course, volunteers who want to donate their time are always welcome to visit the dogs and cats, play with them, give them treats or help to take care of them.

All cats and dogs at the MSPCA are micro-chipped before being re-homed, in order to give their new owners peace of mind that they will be reunited with their pet if it gets lost. Volunteers and members of MSPCA are also always glad to help new pet-owners with advice on the upkeep and treatment of their animals in case of illness.

Apart from providing a home for stray dogs and cats in the hope of re-homing them, MSPCA on occasion also caters for a number of other animals, such as turtles and rabbits.

The primary aim of MSPCA is of course that of finding happy and healthy homes for each and every animal in its care. Therefore, make sure to visit the MSPCA re-homing centre at St. Francis Ravelin Street, Floriana, before buying your pet. Who knows, maybe the dog or cat of your dreams will already be there, waiting for you free of charge and ready to be adopted!

However, be sure to really and truly want a pet, before actually adopting one. Taking a pet home should not be a spur of the moment decision, since it entails not only responsibility and dedication, but also a change in routine and lifestyle. A pet is to be considered as a new family member, and not merely as an item or possession. S/he will love you unconditionally, but at the same time will totally depend on your efforts for comfort, food, cleanliness and health. This will mean that time and effort would need to be dedicated to your cat, dog, or any other animal, and that therefore you will perhaps, not be as independent as you were before. Keep in mind also that a pet will, like any family member, get sick, need medicine, food, shampoo and other supplies, and therefore be sure you have the right budget to maintain one before frivolously adopting it.

That being said, a pet can provide that unquestioning love, warmth, playfulness and acceptance which is rare to find in human beings.

For more information about how to adopt a pet, how to volunteer, or donate to MSPCA, please visit: