It’s 2nd January and we are still in the New Year feeling and New Year wishes, however I bet most of you still type “2012” as a date. It’s well-known that the New Year is bringing several changes, promises and vows in most people life. The only question is how long they keep them. So what are your New Year’s pledges?

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of these New Year’s wishes. In my opinion you can change your life and lifestyle anytime during the year and you don’t need a new year for that.

It is always just a question of decision and courage. Sometimes you just wake up at the morning and you choose that day for a Change.

For some reason I had that day 25th December, but we can still call it as sort of a pledge. Funny for how long I was planning that step (basically since I’m here in Malta, so long months now) and then only one short meaningless conversation made me to start jogging. Again!

The human nature somehow is built to always search for excuses “why not”. I’m not saying I’m different, I’m doing the same most of the time. Once it’s too hot, then too cold, too windy, too crowded, too depressed or just not in the mood. We always say “tomorrow”, but that day never comes without a conscious decision.

I was always sort of a sport girl. I played basketball for some years and when I stopped I had to continue with something, so I started jogging. I used to be very good at it, running long kilometers. As usually I was too picky for weather I reduced it for spring and autumn seasons. I was simply not able to do it during hot summer or freezing winter.

To be honest I have no clue what was I waiting for in Malta. Here the weather is always perfect for outside sports (except those 2-3 months of very hot summer). So I proudly announce I brought that change to my life. I know one week of something is really nothing, but in my opinion the “start” is the hardest step of your decision. I guarantee, once you decided and made your plan, you will never think about stopping.

My current plan is to earn back my good condition, to get my old shape and as every girl, I want to look awesome for the next summer! For now I’m jogging daily between Saint Julians and Sliema, but I want to extend the distance. Unfortunately it is a process, so everything step by step. However I really enjoy it. Jogging cannot be cooler than jogging seafront! It is true I receive some weird looks from the walking people around, but on the other hand it is really good to see I’m not alone and to change some short, kind and supportive glances with the other jogging colleagues running the opposite direction.

I hope this article will help everyone to find and keep little changes. And who knows, maybe we see each other next time on the seaside promenade… while jogging!