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Electro Swing Revolution

The time is literally flying and end of March is soon here. Why can we look forward to this, except receiving salaries to our bank account? I tell you why! The community of Electro Swing Malta after the big success of the Paris...

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Election Madness

While for us, foreigners, this weekend was just a casual one, for the Maltese people it was a very important day in the calendar. Last Saturday was a day of change in the Maltese politics – the Maltese 2013 General...

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Storm in Blue Grotto

People living in Malta might noticed the rain yesterday, which lasted all day long. The time was not favorable for sightseeing, but as we planned it earlier, we didn’t let the weather to intimidate us. Despite of the rain, cold...

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Snow in Malta

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean, which means it has a subtropical-mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. While summer is being dry, rain occurs mainly in winter and the strong winds make Malta feel...

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DJ Ruby Pure Electronic Classics

Happy New Year Folks! It is a New Day, a New Date, a New Year and maybe also a New Life! How do you feel in 2013? It is more or less the same like yesterday in 2012, isn’t it? I hope everyone is awake and alive by now and I hope...

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