Chase Distillery in MaltaChase Distillery is an independent family run single estate distillery, originating in Hertfordshire, England. I’m from Hertfordshire myself so this story is quite close to my heart and it’s great to see something from home doing so well on this little island in the middle of the Med!

William Chase grew up in Hertfordshire and began his working life as a potato farmer. Disillusioned with the supermarket mentality he decided to branch out and began making his potatoes in to Tyrrells crisps.

For his next challenge he began using his potatoes another way- to make drinks! The first batch of vodka was produced in June 2008 and Chase Distillery was born. William is a visionary when it comes to drink making and the product line now offers a range of high quality drinks and spirits, from their original vodka, to marmalade vodka, dry gin, orange gin, fruit cups and wines.

I’m not a big gin drinker but I must say, since discovering this quaint and quality brand, I am partial to a Chase gin and tonic or two. Their rose wine is also lovely and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of their flavoured vodkas- the Chase English Oak Smoked Vodka and Chase Rhubarb especially.

They don’t just produce great products but they’ve built up an incredible brand, which thrives on customer feedback. Their website is perfectly designed, user friendly and has great extras such as cocktail recipes and a ‘Field to Bottle’ story. They hold events in the UK, so as they’re so popular here in Malta, I hope they’ll jump on a plane and set something up for their fans here soon.

Next time you’re out for a drink or two with friends, see if Chase is available and give it a try. I promise you, you won’t look back!