Christmas in Malta seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year, with people starting to think about decorating their homes almost as soon as Halloween is over at end of October. It is in fact mid-November and I’m already spotting lights in windows (click to see) and people buying presents, not to mention shops already fully equipped with new Christmas decorations and selling advent calendars. Last but certainly not least, Malta, like each year, is again offering a huge number of Christmas themed events and fairs targeting everyone, from children, to families, young people, friends and collegues.

The Perfect Christmas Gift Fair’, is one of the earliest Christmas-themed events taking place in central Malta this year. It will in fact be opening its doors on Saturday 18th November between 11am and 6pm, and on Sunday 19th November between 10am and 6pm. It will be a great showcase where local artisans, exhibitors, chefs and performers will charm any who attend, not to mention a good place to discover great Christmas gifts to purchase for one’s loved ones. This fair will be taking place at the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa in Attard. For more information visit

Another Christmas fair not to be missed is the annual ‘Lola’s Christmas Market’ taking place from the 1st to the 3rd of December at Villa Madama in Balzan. This quaint crafts market will surely provide Christmas lovers with unique handmade items to use as decorations for one’s home, not to mention as gifts for family and friends. To know more, go to

Esplora Interactive Science Centre, a Public and Government Service in Kalkara aiming to provide education and entertaining informal learning for all age groups, is organising the ‘Science of Christmas through Storytelling’. This event will be taking place between the 3rd and 17th of December, and will, as the title suggests, feature a number of storytelling events aimed at introducing members of all the family to the legends and fables surrounding Christmas-time. More information can be found at

Those with an interest in culture and literature, not to mention food and entertainment will surely appreciate ‘Natalis Notabilis 2017’, a 6-day event taking place in Rabat and offering more than 80 stalls, as well as hosting a number of Christmas-related activities for people of all ages. One of these stalls, hosted by the Notarial Archives Resource Council, will provide historical recipes and books, traditions and interesting facts, taking the attendees back in time (see for more info). Another one, called ‘The Nativity Trail’, will provide a 25-minute walkthrough within the Franciscan Friary’s Secret Garden, during which one can experience the Catholic story of the night when Jesus was born (visit here to know more The Natalis Notabilis Crib Exhibition will take place in the old Ta Gieżu Convent which will also be hosting a number of choir recitals, while a play entitled ‘Scrooged’ will be held at Palazzo Xara. Surely not to be missed! For more information visit

These are only a few of the many Christmas-themed events taking place in Malta during these most joyous of times. More are being organised by Local Councils, independent organisations and even local schools. Such a great way to spend the months of November and December!