While for us, foreigners, this weekend was just a casual one, for the Maltese people it was a very important day in the calendar.

Last Saturday was a day of change in the Maltese politics – the Maltese 2013 General Elections were happening on the 9th March 2013. It was a dominant and determining day in the Maltese history as well.

Despite of other countries, in Malta there are only two dominant parties to choose from. The Labour party with Joseph Muscat at the head and the Nacionalist party with the leading of Lawrence Gonzi (and of course the third classic Green Party, which is a party in every country, but getting only small percentage of votes). What is important to know, the Nationalist Party had been in power for the last 15 years. Well, this line was broken the previous weekend, as the unexpected magic happened: the Labour defeated the Nationalist with a projected win of 55% of the votes. This was the first time the Labour party entered government since Malta joined the Eurozone. The main reason people voted differently like before is that probably they want and they are expecting a big positive change from the new party. Hopefully it will not bring a big (negative) change in a life of foreigners, as there a few thousand of resident foreigners here as well, who could not influence the election state at all. Let’s hope for the best!

Malta is a magic country, celebrating every (public) holiday in a very special crazy way. I had never seen before people (youth!) celebrating politics with such a strong power, energy, joy and craziness like here. The first results of the elections popped-up on Sunday at noon and the celebration today (Monday evening) since that time is still on. It is amazing how everyone was/is involved in the elections and the celebrations. This also proves the 93% turnout on the elections, while we know that in other countries it goes mostly between 50-60% usually. Maybe because Malta is a small country and they stick together as a family… we will never know. But the people are definitely happy with the result, literally going crazy, as the pictures and videos will show below.

Normally I’m trying to participate on every significant or reasonable event down here in Malta (as a foreigner), but this time I had a feeling I should skip it and leave the Maltese celebrate by themselves. Obviously they are not missing anyone from the party, but I joined them for a minute to record these videos and to capture some moments on my camera. I’m living here for a while now, but I have never seen such a madness going on the streets before. I would use a quote I found on Facebook to finish the article in a proper, expressive way: “Hell must be a quiet place compared to streets of Malta!”. Where to celebrate elections in a better way if not in Malta?! 🙂

Today, on Monday the celebration continued. Exactly like on a public holiday: all shops closed, all people on the streets, music, party and dancing. Interesting that the people are not getting tired of going around and around with cars, honking, screaming, playing loud music and fully blocking the traffic. Just a tip from me: you better walk in St. Julians or Sliema area if you are not patient or in a hurry. You definitely reach your goal earlier than with waiting and sitting in the car or bus.

The party is still on! It seems they never get tired! 😀