The time is literally flying and end of March is soon here. Why can we look forward to this, except receiving salaries to our bank account?

I tell you why! The community of Electro Swing Malta after the big success of the Paris Swing Thing in December has just announced their new event: The Electro Swing Revolution.

The party we were (I was definitely) waiting for will happen 30th March in The Duke’s Club in Paceville, Saint Julians. After ripping up the German club scene the Boys from Berlin Justin Fidele and the Carlson Two are bringing their signature swing sound to our sunny shores, backed up by your local favorites, Dr. Zicotron, The Chef and Dockerbone, an experience like never before! Also the following week Germany will be hosting our Maltese DJs to play in Berlin. Malta’s electro-swing pioneers will also be touring Germany with other dates in Potsdam, Wurzberg and Nuremberg.

Just to impress you, let me give you a short introduction about the electro-swing history. The Electro Swing Revolution began in January 2011 when the double-CD “The Electro Swing Revolution Vol. 1” was released on Lola’s World Records. This soon shaped up as one of the must-have compilations of the international electro-swing scene. After the successful release of Volume 2 DJ Globalution and label owner Justin Fidèle started the monthly Electro Swing Revolution party series taking place at one of Berlin’s most famous clubs. It soon evolved into one of the most successful and the largest electro-swing nights in Germany and presented top international electro-swing DJs and live acts.

In order to distribute their swinging tunes to the people more easily they founded their own Electro Swing Revolution internet radio station to broadcast worldwide, which in my opinion was a pretty cool idea. This radio was awarded with the Electro Swing Award 2012 and also provides a free iPhone and Android app enabling the people to listen to the station on the go.

Electro-swing is definitely a style which brings people, young and old together. The beats simply turn you on, provide you lot of energy, power and smile to your face and just make you move, make you dance. It is a special type of music, which you will like no matter what kind of music you normally listen to. Foundation of electro-swing was the best idea in the music history and I definitely support to color the Maltese social and night life with events like this! So let’s meet at Duke’s Club on the 30th March and rock it all night long! Do not hesitate too long with the tickets as the early bird tickets were already sold out. I will definitely be there, so see you all!

For tickets text or call:

Dockerbone 7923 3030
THE CHEF 99054358
Dr. Zicotron 99855794

Here is a bit of “foretaste” of electro-swing music just to bring you to the mood!