The love plane, Air Malta.Just like Christmas in December or the month with your birthday, February has its holiday too: the well-known Valentine.

14th February just lights up in your calendar, marked with red numbers every year. This date triggers so many different emotions in people, but let me share my personal thoughts about the Maltese Valentine’s Day.

This year I was just walking home after work from Saint Julian’s to Sliema around 6-7pm and I was pretty excited and curious, how will the “environment” surprise me. I chose walking on purpose, so I could discover how all the shops, restaurants and stores prepared for this day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of this day either, but from marketing point of view, it is a very good day for business. All I wanted to know how Mr. Marketing decided to buy people, i.e. couples.

I have to say, I was really disappointed, I really expected something more. I didn’t see any advertisements or decorations, except that one florist shop I passed. That one was full of red roses, decorations and plenty of special souvenir presents inside. And again, I’m not a big fan, but I think this is how it supposed to be.

Just like every holiday in the year, Valentine’s Day is also just a big ugly marketing ploy for all the people who are interested in it. But it is ok, because that is the world we are living right now. All the singles can be against it as much they want, but in my opinion the couples also deserve a Day. If you just make some research about other usual dates from the calendar, you will find out, almost every single day is an “International Day of … something”. They are just less famous. Valentine of course is a big boom for all those in love. We have to let them to enjoy it. Hopefully they will love each other on the other days of the year as well.

The promenade between Saint Julian’s and Sliema is the most popular path to walk on in Malta. The beautiful seaview and all the various restaurants on every corner provide the perfect place where to spend Valentine’s Day with your other half. I saw how Malta is celebrating the fests, carnivals or any important public holidays. I just expected something more this time as well.

The next day, by which time I already forgot all my thoughts, something really surprised me. Air Malta earned back my trust in the marketing ploy and received an “imaginary creativity award” from me when I found and watched the video below. They organized a special “Love Plane” only for this day. It was a two-hour flight and a guaranteed unique form of celebration of this special day. I think this is a very creative, lovely, unusual and perfect idea. This was the special Valetine-thing I was looking for to write about.

I hope all the couples had their fun that night … and for us, normal people, here is a short video about this event.