Malta is an island in the Mediterranean, which means it has a subtropical-mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers. While summer is being dry, rain occurs mainly in winter and the strong winds make Malta feel colder. Snow is almost unheard.

Incredible news! Today was an exception, 15th January it was snowing here in Malta!

Due to its geographic location the climate is not cold enough, so basically there is no chance of snow in Malta. In the past 200 years there were only few days when this miracle happened here. Malta has experienced just four snowfalls since 1895. Here is the list of my snow-research:

  • February 1895 – 117 years ago the temperature went down to 1,2°C;
  • January 1905 – snowing again for a very short time, because of the Siberian cold wind;
  • March 1949 – heavy snowing for a very short time;
  • January 1962 – 50 years ago it was really snowing in Malta, 2-3 centimeters of snow covered most of the island, including the beaches, while temperature was under 0°C.

In February 2012 Italian meteorologists forecasted possibility of snow. The weather changed drastically all over Europe, but Malta at the end wasn’t affected because of the Mediterranean see controlling the weather over the island. It was mainly only raining and occasionally a thin white carpet covering the roads.

Now we can add today’s date to the Maltese history of snowing. The sunny weather suddenly changed into a hail storm and at some places snow has been reported. Hello to you there in Europe! Let’s build a snowman today together! 🙂