People living in Malta might noticed the rain yesterday, which lasted all day long. The time was not favorable for sightseeing, but as we planned it earlier, we didn’t let the weather to intimidate us. Despite of the rain, cold and wind, we took the car and were driving along Malta. We ended up at Blue Grotto area.

Blue Grotto is a popular touristic sunny area, where people are swimming, diving or renting boats for cave-seeings.

It was pretty shocking for me to see the place in this condition: cold, wind, rain, storm, no people and zero tourists. But as this is my first winter in Malta, I was pretty excited about the adventure. I took my camera, left the car and sacrificed myself in order of awesome pictures about the storm. For those few minutes I absolutely forgot about the fact that I’m freezing and my hair, my clothes and shoes are completely wet.

Below you will see pictures from two different spots from Blue Grotto area. The first one is an amazing place on the top of the hill, unpopular for tourists, known only by the locals. We literally faced the storm and were watching how it is getting closer and closer to us. It was incredibly windy with slippery rocks and dangerous slopes, but definitely worth to see it.

The second spot is the well-known touristic area, where all the buses stop. Here we were observing the huge strong waves of the sea how they are snapping on the rocks – all this only from few feet away. It was definitely a very nice experience and adventure, which shows Malta even in winter can’t be tedious.

Of course if you are up for something like this, don’t forget to change your wet clothes immediately and take a hot shower. But to make it easier for you, I’m bringing you pictures and a video, so you can enjoy all these from a warm bed from home. I apologize if some pictures are blurry, but unfortunately I couldn’t tell the raindrops not to fall on my objective. 🙂