Paceville street is the most visited place in Malta. People are coming here for holidays, to have fun, to spend money, which means eating, drinking, dancing and partying. The area called Paceville is the perfect territory for all the mentioned activities. Hugo’s building is one of the clubs you can find and have to visit here.

The Hugo’s group is right in the heart of Paceville and it consists of more different floors and sections.

Hugo’s Lounge is located on the ground floor of the building. It is an excellent restaurant, one of my personal favorites in Malta. The food is delicious with a fast kitchen service. Hugo opened this restaurant as his first one in 2005, dedicating to Asian style, which I think was a brilliant idea. As even its motto says: “Eat & drink in style!” If you don’t believe me, feel free to check the menu list online and I guarantee you will find the dish fitting your taste. Sushi and seafood in every imaginable way, a big selection of Asian soups, fried specialities, various chicken platters with tasty dips and sauces. The place today is well-known and the most crowded restaurant in the Saint Julians area. Eating at Hugo’s Lounge is a dream come true.

The restaurant is open between 12:00pm -4:00am, while between 15:00 and 18:00 you can enjoy the Happy Hour Cocktails.

After you finished your dinner, you can move on to the first or second floor of the building where you will find Hugo’s Passion and Shadow Lounge. Both of them are clubs for everyday’s evenings and nightlife. Perfect places for drinks with friends on a terrace outside and dance floor to hit inside. The music is very various, dancy and enjoyable. Just for those, who are interested: yes, the dance floor contains a pole to dance on. Every weekend there are events organized in different style, where the group WhySoSerious is participating with some help too. WhySoSerious Fridays at Shadow Lounge recently became very popular and you can also find your pictures online made by professional photographers.

For those who prefer luxury, on the top floor there is a VIP club called Club H with very exclusive treatment. If you want to impress your friends, it’s enough if you take them to this place.

As you can see, these places are like a big growing family, cosy and perfect for any occasion. The Hugo-bars are the most crowded places in Paceville. It doesn’t matter if it is hot summer or colder winter, the Hugo’s is always full. I don’t know what is his secret, but I promise I will let you know when I figure it out. And who can we thank for all of this perfection? It’s Hugo Checuti! God bless him!