This Wednesday night was the night of the official opening of the new Hugo’s terrace. However the place was “unofficially” open since last Friday, so I had enough time to spend few days and hours at the bar, to be impressed enough and to fell in love with the atmosphere to write this review about it.

I already mentioned earlier that I’m a big fan of the “Hugo’s products”. The Hugo’s building is what we never miss once we pass Paceville, for example the delicious food and the tasty cocktails in Lounge or the nightclubs (Passion and Shadows) above it with good music, which are always super-crowded (and I’m not exaggerating). That’s why when I heard about the “new member of the Hugo’s family”, I wasn’t even hesitating to visit it immediately.

Well, what can I say? It was a love at first sight. It is very elegant, a bit poshy (compared to other Paceville clubs), but also casual with a nice atmosphere and environment. It is one big spacious interior (including the covered terrace) with many tables and with one bar in the middle plus one on the side. The lightening gives you the effect of candles and as there are no walls separating the place, you can just look through and admiring the view what the bar and the people are giving you.

I adore Hugo for his ideas and creativity. It seems for me he knows exactly what the people need in their social life. This also confirms the fact, that his bars are the most common and most visited ones in Saint Julians and maybe in whole Malta. The idea of opening a “terrace” right in front of the beach is simply amazing. From the first moment I entered the place I knew there is no question that this bar will run really-really good, especially with the summer knocking on our doors.

The prices are just a little bit higher than at the other places, which is on the other hand understandable, as its level a bit more exclusive – proving us a very cosy, comfortable and atmospheric area. There is a special list of cocktails and all of them I tried were very tasty, colorful and impeccable. This is thanks to the neat and skillful bartenders. Yes, I said neat. Maybe it’s not true, but I had a feeling Hugo collected all his handsome bartenders, gave them braces and ties and put them behind these bars. The white shirt, black tie and braces – combination is my personal feminine weakness, so I guess I don’t even have to explain how impressed I was with all the guys around. I literally feel like in Heaven there! I assume all the ladies have a little thing for this look, so if you haven’t visited the place yet, put on your heels and let the guys entertain you!

I’m a person who likes small little things and is obsessed with the details. At Hugo’s Terrace every detail and every thing is how it supposed to be. I have to mention my two small favorites. The DJ “desk”, placed at the end of the bar on a small podium is a piano! I think that’s very cool. The second thing, what brought smile on my face are the titles of the restrooms – instead of “women” and “men” it is “Madonna” and “Bob Dylan” written on the doors.

The official opening party I think went incredibly well. The bar was full of people (even if there were only guests with invites) and I belive the whole night was very busy for staff for sure. The DJ dressed in tail suit was playing jazz music and also the famous and sexy Maltese singer, Ira Losco, entertained us with couple of songs from her repertoire. I definitely had lot of fun.

Just for your information, as far as I know they will start to serve food there as well soon and I’m really looking forward to try it. Also there is a rumor spreading that on the top they will create a real terrace for the summer. So let Hugo and his managers surprise us, hopefully pleasantly. However from now on Hugo’s Terrace is officially my new favorite place in Malta.