Although Malta is quite a small island, it is undeniably popular with tourists, be they young people, couples, or even seniors, because of its famous and varied nightlife. From noisy clubs, to cosy pubs, tasty restaurants, and romantic locations, Malta, unabashedly, has it all.


Mostly known for its flashy clubs, dancing parlours, and music bars, Paceville is a popular tourist hub also providing non-expensive accommodation, and even a number of late-closing convenience stores, and other kind of shops selling beach-wear and souvenirs. It is mostly frequented by young people and teenagers, who know they have a lot of musical styles and trends to choose from when carousing through its streets, since the clubs are clustered practically next to each other within walking distance in the same zone of the town. A number of venues cater specifically for cocktail and sushi lovers. Perfect for a randy girl’s night out! Ranging from hip-hop, to 80s rock, to dance, and techno, each club or bar has its own unique character, providing the perfect venue for those seeking a thrill or a sleek trendy dance floor!


Teeming with small pubs, bars and restaurants, Bugibba offers the affable fun atmosphere of Paceville, without the flashy part. If you are searching for some good times with friends, drinking a beer at an Irish Pub or eating some pub food, this is surely the place for you. The fact that Bugibba also offers a wonderful picturesque bay where one can take a midnight dip, is also food for thought! Football lovers are perfectly catered for by a large number of bars which also provide enormous multiple screens to watch sports games. Bugibba is a touristic hub with pharmacies, banks, and clothes stores. It is very easily reachable by public transport which is available well through the night.

Valletta Waterfront

Set on the banks of the Grand Harbour, along a row of 18th century limestone warehouses originally built by the Order of the Knights of Saint John, the Valletta waterfront is an unmissable spot, providing a myriad of restaurants and bars right next to the water and the cruise terminal. Almost all restaurants have both indoor and outdoor seating, however I would definitely recommend outdoor tables since the twinkling lights of the three cities on the other side of the harbour, not to mention the magnificent view, are well worth it. Pretty spectacular if you want to impress your date, however be sure to book in advance!

Straight Street Valletta

Known in medieval times as the ‘shady’ and seedy part of Valletta, hosting bordellos and houses of questionable repute, Straight Street has, in the past few years, become the ‘trendy’ part of the capital city, where students, artists, couples, and those cultivating a bohemian lifestyle settle in small quirky wine bars, pubs and coffee shops to discuss philosophy and debate life in general while sipping a cool glass of white wine or eating a plate of pasta. Some wine bars serve as hosts to street jazz artists, art exhibitions, or even Maltese ‘għana’ on occasion. This new breed of nightlife is prevalent during the summer months, especially during the weekends.