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Retirement Age in Malta

Retirement from the workforce and pensions are hot topics globally at the moment – not just in Malta, but changes to the state retirement age are afoot on this small Mediterranean Island. It’s a...

Wild camping in Malta. 0

Wild Camping in Malta

Getting away from it all is quite difficult on a small island the size of Malta, boasting one of the highest population densities in the world. With a Mediterranean climate, outdoor activities are enjoyed... wins Expat Focus Award 0 wins Expat Focus Award

First launched in 2002 as a blog providing useful information about Malta, has gone from strength to strength and currently attracts around 20,000 visitors every month from 90 different countries, and Web Information...

Rock Climbing Malta 0

Rock Climbing Malta

Being a rocky island, Malta lends itself perfectly to climbing and bouldering. Climbing is a popular outdoor activity, especially outside of the hot, dry summer months, and there are around 1300 climbs in 30...

Ice Skating in Malta 0

Ice Skating in Malta

It has been suggested that the earliest ice skating happened in southern Finland 4000 years ago, using flattened bone strapped to the bottom of the feet. Skaters merely glided on top of ice until...

Autumn Storms in Malta 1

Autumn Storms in Malta

The transition from summer to winter in Malta brings with it some spectacular thunderstorms that transform the brown, arid landscape into one that’s bursting with greenery. Such storms generally span the months of September,...