Blue Grotto.Blue Grotto is also a place situated on the southern coast of Malta, it is located right across the small uninhabited islet Filfla. It is a series of caves carved out of the rocks by the sea on the west coast of the island.

The location of these sea caverns combined with sunshine is mirroring several shades of blue in the water. My tip is definitely to take a camera if you go there.

How did it start?

Blue Grotto in the past was just a place for fishermen to do their everyday’s work. Later in the 1950’s English servicemen started to show interest about the place, like frequently swimming and asking the fishermen a favor, a boat ride along the place. This is how tourism started in Blue Grotto: the boat rides became very popular.

Later some problems occurred because of organization, so the Government decided to regulate these boats. You can just Go Here or read about the requirements here itself, that included first of all a license of boat owners, a certification from a surveyor, from an engineer, pairs of oars, life jackets and other safety things. As the interest was only increasing, in 1968 the Blue Grotto Boat Service group was set up, what was responsible for regulating in an orderly manner the operation of the boat trips to Blue Grotto.

The place is also famous among divers and in 2004 was used for scene for the movie Troy starring Brad Pitt. In the small village of Blue Grotto there are few nice walks next to the cliff drop-offs and a few nice restaurants where you can eat and relax after your adventure. Every day from sunrise until 1 pm there is a unique sight observed. So if you want to see and catch something beautiful and amazing, be there in time and take also a swimming suit and camera.

To get to Blue Grotto you can take some local buses, but it is also one of the stops of the Hop On Hop Off Malta Sightseeing tours (south trip).

Enjoy some pictures from summer and also winter about Blue Grotto.