Buskett, Malta.I went for some sightseeing again to have some fun and do some research at the same time. This time the winner was the place called Buskett Gardens. The word “garden” left me some hope for a green area, as I was missing this color lately pretty much.

What should you know about the place?

Buskett in Siġġiewi is located the south of Rabat and east of Dingli. It is Malta’s only real woodland, the one of the greenest area on the island.

History-wise it started in the late 16th century. The Gardens were mostly planted during the reign of Grand Master Lascaris. The layout of Buskett has remained virtually unchanged to this day. It is crowned by Verdala Palace built by Grand Master Verdala. The name “Buskett” is coming from the word “forest”.

When I entered the place, suddenly thousands of lemon and orange trees were facing me. I felt like in Citrus(Wonder)Land. The beauty reminded me of  London Gardens. The plants of oranges or lemons maybe for the southern people are pretty normal, but for me, Eastern-European those are sort of magic and miracle. As I was going inwards a huge forest was greeting me. Ok, the citrus plants are a Maltese-Mediterranean thing for sure, but forests (conifer trees) and meadows are not really common here. For a while I had a feeling I’m definitely somewhere else. It cannot be Malta. And it was!

Buskett Garden is a very popular picnic place for the Maltese residents. This is where the locals come to play, eat and drink. You can spend here a perfect afternoon out in the sunshine and green grass.

Walking on narrow pathways up and down in the valley, watching how the forests and meadows alternating around you and listening the chirping birds… is something relaxing, resting, calming and comforting. I have never seen so many shades of green in Malta before. After the tour I was healthily tired and full of power at the same time and I felt like I got rid of all the stress in my body and mind.

The place is not full of tourists as Buskett is not exactly a well-known area, which is an advantage. During the two hours I spent there I met only few dog owners, walking with their puppies, some dads playing soccer with their boys on the meadow and of course the local dogs welcoming me, while guarding the territory of the local farmers.

If you want to spend a day in the green nature, I strongly recommend visiting this place. It is open all year to public. At the end of my journey I found myself at the entrance of the above mentioned Verdala Palace, but more about the mystery of the place you can read in the next article.