Floriana Heritage Trail, Malta.Floriana is a town just a stone throw away from the capital, Valletta. It is named after the Italian Floriani, who was responsible for building the town’s fortifications. Floriana was responsible to prevent a situation whereby the enemy could see directly into the capital. Floriana offers an immense heritage, just like the Floriana Heritage Trail I’m going to write about today.

The project of this heritage trail consisted in the identification of proposals for a route passing through Floriana’s various places.

Floriana has the biggest numbers of gardens in Malta. The three main gardens in the town are The Mall, Argotti and St. Philip Gardens. I brought you today some pictures from the Argotti Gardens.

In 18th century the garden was laid out as two private gardens. The private section, The Argotti Herbarium and University Botanic Gardens is administered by the Department of Agriculture. The botanical section is used for educational purposes with special selection of plants. Many medical herbs have been grown here.

The gardens have a rich collection of trees and shrubs, like oaks, oleanders and cacti. The landmarks of the gardens are the huge Ficus trees with their entwined roots fused together. After all n the garden we can find water features as well, like fountains and ponds.