Love sign, Malta.I have decided to continue with spreading love; after all we are just recovering from last week Valentine’s. Hopefully all the couples in love continue loving each other the same way as they did it on the 14th. What I will write about today is the loveliest, sweetest and nicest spot in Malta, definitely my No.1 favorite: the LOVE sign.

Unfortunately I don’t have many facts to say about it. The LOVE sign is a statue on Spinola Bay, in the middle of Saint Julians, which was built by the local artist, architect: Richard England.

As I read about it, first the statue didn’t make a good impression on people. Some people liked it, but on the other hand many people said it had ruined Spinola Bay, obstructing the view of the calm water beneath. However LOVE was awarded a prize by the International Academy of Architecture.

In my opinion the inverted letters show originality. There are no people and there are definitely no tourists who would just walk beside it. It is a tempting and enticing statue, where everyone wants to immortalize and capture the moment and the memory. It is a place to stop, stare and think maybe for a second.

When I first visited the place, I didn’t understand the reason of the inverted letters. It took me some time to realize and figure out the real purpose of it. The reason behind the weird inversion is for the word to be read upright in the water’s reflection. But the situation is a bit tricky, as the water must be calm like a mirror, unless the picture is not visible. And isn’t it like that in the real life? Sometimes we just don’t see the beauty from the chaotic view. Just like the waves of the ocean, all the problems obscure the simple perfection of our days. We, human beings, many times are not able to see from our own eyes.

The reflection in the water is not visible all the time, neither the love in our heart. Once the picture is clear, you can see and/or feel the LOVE unfolding before you. Just take a look at it. 🙂