Whether you are a tourist or a local, Mellieha is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Malta. Not only does it have ample amounts of beaches, it has cosy bars and tasty restaurants too.

Have you been to Armier bay, Paradise bay or Ghadira beach? With their sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning views; these beaches have been named some of Malta’s top places to visit. They are perfect for families, couples and even alone if you need some ‘me time’. The beaches are safe as the water levels don’t rise for at least 10 metres walking out into the sea. They have plenty of refreshment huts which sell fast food and drinks which are affordable. They are situated along bus routes and can be driven to with plenty of parking options. These spectacular places of interest are easy to get to and definitely worth a visit or two.

After your heavenly day soaking up the sun and splashing about in the cool Mediterranean ocean; why not visit the local, delicious restaurants in Mellieha? If you want a bit of spice in your life, visit Mexi Co. This is a Mexican restaurant which serves Mexican style foods from: sizzling fajitas and classic salads to chicken chimichangas and burritos. Alternatively, you could have your dinner at Maritim Hotel across from the gorgeous Parish church. Maritim has affordable yet mouthwatering food with a wonderful outside area which has a picturesque view of the coast. Malta has some of the best places to eat, where is your favourite?

Once you have finished your evening meal, you should have a beer in the local, friendly bars around Mellieha. Have a sing – song in Billy’s Bar which offers karaoke or have a quiet game of pool in Reflections. There is also Crosskeys pub too which sometimes has live music. Mellieha, is not like Paceville. It doesn’t have any clubs or bars with loud music. They are quiet, friendly and snug.

This would be my perfect day in Mellieha, but it isn’t for everyone. There is much more to do here like hiking, water sports and or simply laying by the pool. What would be your perfect day in Mellieha?