Modern art in Sliema.What once started out as a summer resort for Valletta’s wealthier residents has now arguable become one of the (if not the) cultural centres of Malta! Sliema meaning “Peace” or “Comfort” in Maltese has now developed into a multicultural town with arts and cultural activities to be proud of!

With constant development and beautification of public places and spaces Sliema remains one of the most sought after places to live on the island and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future.

Notable artists such as Richard England have chosen to leave their mark on the town. His art piece entitled “White Shadows” is a highly intriguing sculpture. Using a play of lights and shadows it conveys the community and family spirit of Sliema and the Maltese as a whole. It is also very interesting to note that the shadows change depending on the season as well as the time of day. You could even say that you’ll never see the same shadow twice.

Showing its ultra-modern style Sliema will be hosting a Street Art Festival on the 28th of June 2013. The festival will be featuring local artists as well as some internationally renowned artists such as David Walker, Mr Dheo, Kayo Natez and more! In collaboration with the Sliema Local Council as well as some not as important corporate sponsors the crew of this endeavour aim to transform the local promenade (which is massive) into one big canvas! To make things that much more special the event shows true creativity and freedom of expression by allowing everyone and anyone (not only famous artists) to participate regardless of gender, race, skill or sex!

Sliema’s bohemian culture can also be seen in the enterprise its youth undertake! One noteworthy example is Hostel Jones. Here two young local entrepreneurs took over an unused traditional townhouse and transformed it into a Hostel. Mind you … It is not a Hostel like any other. Out of all the materials used to develop the house into the art piece it is now over 95% of the materials used were either re-used, recycled or refurbished. Each room within the hostel was designed by an a local artist in the style that the artist wished. The materials used for the artwork range from, spray paint to mosaic and everything in between. There even are murals that took over 3 months to paint in this hidden gem.