Rocky beach in Malta.Malta is full of sandy beaches and they are absolutely beautiful – a must see if you are visiting the island on holiday. However, beauty aside, a sandy beach is not where I like to enjoy my precious days off if I really want to relax and enjoy myself.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of sand. It’s a nice idea and looks pretty, but it just gets everywhere – in your food, on your towel, all over your body, in your eyes … I could go on.

For this reason, every summer, I spend most of my time at rock beaches. They are not as conventionally beautiful as their sandy cousins but they are still wonderful. The colour of the sea is so much more intense, the rocks can be hard but this is easy to combat with a padded matt, conveniently placed ladders make it super easy to get in and out of the water and you don’t have to worry about getting covered in sand or ingesting it with your lunch!

The rocky beaches are generally much less crowded and because of this, the cafes and bars situated nearby have a much lower mark up so you can enjoy some lunch and a few drinks in the sun without breaking the bank. A lot of the rocky beaches in Malta have rock pools carved in from days gone by when they would have huts over them so women could bathe without anyone seeing. They’re open now a days of course but they’re great for kids who don’t want to go out far or for anyone who just wants to relax and paddle without getting out of their depth.

My favourite rock beaches on the island have to be:

  • Between Surfside and Exiles in Sliema – the rock here is so smooth and this is probably the largest section where you will always find space for you and your friends or family.
  • Between Fresco’s in St Julians and the Independence Garden in Sliema – this area is quite small and not as flat but the garden is a lovely setting with the fountains, trees and cat home on one side and a little marina on the other.
  • Ta’ Xbiex – another smallish beach but one of the quietest. With views of Valletta and a gorgeous marina this is one of the prettiest rock beaches on the island.
  • Paceville – there is a man made sandy beach in St Georges bay but if you prefer the rocky kind then head on down to the much quieter rock beach just past Arcadia.

Have you tried any of the rocky beaches on the island?