Saint Julians Night Lights, Malta.Today I’m back with more night lights pictures, this time about my “hometown” Saint Julian’s. It is situated along the coast, north of Valletta, next to Sliema.

Saint Julian’s is actually famous about its part (or street) Paceville, which makes it the capital of parties in Malta. Thanks to this it is very popular among all the tourists coming here, especially during the summer months. But for me it is giving the most important thing. It is my home. I’m not an “every inch” Maltese, but when I’m staying here in Malta, it always has to be Saint Juls!

It is maybe surprising, but up till the ninetieth, St. Julians was a very peaceful town and Spinola bay played an important role for farmers and fishermen dwelling the countryside. Obviously it is named after Saint Julian, who was a patron saint, known as Julian the Hospitaller and Julian the Poor whereby. Julian was a Belgian, which is why the town’s flag is identical to the Belgian one. Today the memorial to Saint Julian is manifested in a form of summer feast on the last Sunday of August.

I prepared some captures from the lovely Saint Julians area as well. So again, the red cross is the start of the trip from Tas-Sliema, through Exiles, Balluta bay and Spinola bay.

1 – The Park in Tas-Sliema and the fountain in the park

Walking along we reach the nice and famous Barracuda Penthouse&Restaurant. Right next to this building is probably Saint Julian’s biggest church called Church of Our Lady Mt Carmel and the Le Méridian Hotel&Spa.

2 – Barracuda Penthouse and Restaurant

3 – Church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel

4 – Le Méridian Hotel & Spa

As we are getting closer and closer to Saint Julians heart, we can see a beautiful seaview with night lights. This town was definitely created for tourists. It’s full of bars, clubs, restaurants and mainly people. My favorit is the Love sign statue.

5 – Seaview in Saint Julians

6 – Love sign

After this my goal was to get to the Cat Village. Yes, because Saint Juls has a village like that as well, hah! When I first saw it, this thing was pretty unbelievable for me. The “cat-woman”, who is living right there, is taking care about the cats. She made this place for tourist, they like it so much, so they are leaving donations. From this money the cat-woman (a lovely old lady) is buying them food and probably more and more stuffed animals. 🙂

7 – Walking “seafront”

8 – Lights of Cat Village

From here I was heading to Portomaso direction to document Hilton’s lights. The Hilton area is beautiful. Full of nice and expensive restaurants. The courtyard and the port is very famous.

10 – Entrance of Hilton and courtyard

11 – Maltese restaurant

After this my plan was done, so just walked back home the same way.

12 – the last seaview and night light picture