Selmun Palace Mellieha, Malta.Situated majestically on top of the Selmun promontory, the Selmun Castle is one of the last few remaining baroque buildings in Malta which really deserve care and attention. It was built by the Knights of Malta, under the stewardship of Grand Master Manoel de Rohan relatively late in their Maltese reign, in 1783 and was for a time used as a noble residence and a hunting lodge. Undoubtedly the vast grounds around the castle as well as the imposing views which could be accessed from its windows and ramparts were (and still are) highly desirable for any resident.

In recent history, the castle has formed part of a hotel, the Selmun Palace which has even seen several ugly accretions in the form of nondescript buildings spring up behind it. The hotel was for a few decdaes the property of the Maltese national airline, Air Malta but after several years of running at a loss, it is now for sale although the asking price which is reputed to be several million Euros has not brought forth any offers.

The castle also includes a garcious chapel close by which is contemporaneous to the castle and is still in relatively good condition. There is also a restauarant named De favray which is renowned for its excellent cuisine although it is not known if this is still in operation. The castle is popular also as a wedding venue with several high profile weddings having been held there and with its luscious grounds and wonderful atmosphere, it is surely a beautiful event for those lucky enough to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, the castle is in dire need of proper restoration as it has been left to its own devices in the past months and has undoubtedly suffered from exposure to the elements. It is a monument which is crying out for restoration as it is one of the most important prevailing castles in the Maltese islands of which there are percious few.