The good thing about living abroad is that even if you are being resident and owning a local ID card, you can make sightseeings every day. Every time you will discover something new even if it is a place you have already seen. I decided to share with you a short review about the Maltese capital today. So please enjoy Evangeline’s Valletta-sightseeing trip experience.

From the main bus station Republic street is leading straight to the tourist center. Street full of cafes, restaurants, fashion and souvenir shops.

Right on the right side you find St. John’s Co-Catherdal with 2 huge terraces of restaurants nearby. They are big for a good reason, always full of people – tourists.

One thing what I really love not just about Valletta, but about whole Malta is its architecture. The buildings are still so interesting and unusual for me, with colored balconies and the special Maltese bricks. Even a classic living house looks like a historical building sometimes.

As we are passing by we are getting to a huge square called St. George’s square, the biggest one in the city, surrounded by beautiful buildings and with an open fountain in the middle. This fountain is my big favorite during the summer, when all the children are just jumping and dancing around, including myself. 🙂

As the city of Valletta is located on a peninsula and the main street is right in the middle of it, you can choose to go right or left to reach seafront. I choose the right side first. From the right waterfront a beautiful panorama unfolds before our eyes: the famous Three cities in front of. As in Malta there are barely green zones, so when I enter here Lower Barracca Garden, a garden full of palms, trees and flowers I feel like in Heaven.

This exactly is the view from the waterfront. What you see here are the Three Cities: Birgu, Bormla and Isla, renamed to Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea.

Right next to the garden is this second World War Siege Memorial. (By the way just as an info: close to this place is the office where you can get the Maltese identity card).

The best I left for the end: From the left waterfront you see whole Gzira, Sliema and also Saint Julians area. A spot has been shown me, which immediately became my favorite in Valletta. I didn’t know what was my friend talking about until we entered the Hestings garden, reached the spot in the corner and saw that beautiful, amazing and incredible view. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture which describes the beauty of this place, so you have to go and see with your own eyes, or settle with the photo I made.