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Moving to Malta?

Malta, a small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean, has over time struck popularity with its attraction with the quality of living that the islands offer. Besides the sunny conditions that equally locals...


Property Management in Malta

When purchasing a property, one not only has to view the initial purchase price but there also has got to be a serious evaluation on how to maintain the property in question. In today’s...


Malta Real Estate

Property in Malta is considered to be a good investment; even with the global recession, prices haven’t dropped significantly and have now almost stabilised. The Malta real estate boom started in the 1960’s, with...


Apartments for Sale in Malta

Couple friends of mine decided to sell their apartments, mainly because their respective families are getting bigger and need more space to live in. So here I am, trying to help everyone out by...

2 Bedroom Apartment in Bugibba 0

2 Bedroom Apartment in Bugibba

Looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Bugibba/Qawra? Buy this property directly from owner for €99,000! The entrance to this recently built block of apartments is just off the main Tourists Street in Qawra,...