Property management Malta by reputable local companies.When purchasing a property, one not only has to view the initial purchase price but there also has got to be a serious evaluation on how to maintain the property in question. In today’s day and age, the buy to let market is increasing at a substantial rate so property management does come into question and is a serious issue by any account.

First of all one has to keep a property clean and habitable so it is important to paint the inside walls at regular intervals.

Electrics and plumbing should also be kept up to scratch so that there will be no messing around when new tenants come in the property to live in it and perhaps may encounter problems. It is crucial that everything functions and is in good working order as these issues will definitely crop up when rent is due, for example.

Condominium maintenance is probably the single most important issue in property management and here we encounter such problems as cleanliness of the stairs, lifts and other common areas. A property management company will definitely keep these up to date and as clean as possible and there is the elimination of the hassle one encounters to collect money from residents for this maintenance especially is these are away and do not have an interest in keeping the areas spick and span.

There are several property management companies on the island but among these one finds Cresta Property Services which may be found at This company is led by a well known specialist in the property field who is Ivan Azzopardi and who brings about a wealth of experience in this area. The company deals with all sorts of property including villas, apartments, maisonettes and the like and offers a comprehensive service backed up by a wealth of experience.

Property management is definitely the next big thing in the market and this area can only grow accordingly. One feels that this area is severely neglected in Malta as everyone seems to be much more focused on the actual purchasing of the property leaving the maintenance out of the picture. It would be wise to invest in proper property management as this will also increase the value of the property for after sale.