Modern property styling in Malta.I have travelled to Malta many times before and it’s amazing to see how established Malta has become, when it comes to interior styling. I am so used to walking into a Maltese home and seeing traditional furnishings from antique style furniture, wrapped in plastic, to traditional printed tiles, heavy fabric curtains and prints, as well as the home being covered in antique home wares.

Those traditions of interior styling will always be alive, but its nice to see how Malta is now slowly moving forward from the traditional styling to the now modern styling, which still includes features of the traditional styling to give the space a modern twist.

In the short amount of time I have been here, I have been to many local suppliers through out Malta, and spent a lot of my spare time talking to the owners of show rooms, to get the latest on there products and to do some of my own personal styling in store, with there products they feature, to be able to show my clients, as well as the people of Malta through Social Media, just how creative you can be with interior styling.

With the wide range of fabrics, furniture, home wares, art work, carpets and so on available here in Malta, there is so much you can do to redecorate your property affordably, with out having to go through the progressive stages of interior design. It is also important to get your carpets and rugs cleaned by Meridian carpet cleaning so that your house looks clean.

With my creative mind, knowledge and experience of my personal unique Interior Styling, I can bring out the potential of clients home’s or business’s, with there ideas and vision in mind.

It’s amazing to see and experience the difference in interior styling from Australia to Malta, as they are both different in there own way. But I have witnessed for myself just how advanced Malta is becoming by seeing the interior styling from Australia slowly starting to emerge here in Malta, by personally visiting show rooms through out Malta, reading articles in Maltese magazines and News papers, as well as hearing about it from word of mouth.

Being so used to seeing modern contemporary, industrial loft, Scandinavian and minimalistic interior styling trends from Australia, I’m really excited to see that it’s starting to show that those interior styling trends are heading to residential and commercial spaces all around Malta.

In saying that, I personally look forward to continue bringing those interior styling trends as well as represent my knowledge, experience and unique personal interior styling creativeness from Australia, to this once traditional, now slowly emerging traditional, modern interior styling trend, to Malta.

About the Author

My name is Jennifer Abela and I am an Interior Styler from Melbourne, Australia. I had my own business in interior styling called The Property Styler, in which I specialized inproperty styling residential, commercial and real estate properties as well as now looking into styling magazine shoots and studio sets as well. I have now moved to Malta and am now working along side Loft in Naxxar. Read more about me and find my contact details at