Magazines have always been a popular form of dissemination in Malta and the plethora which currently grace our newsstands every day has to be seen to be believed.

Add all that to the incredible number of magazines and other periodicals received through the letterbox each day and you have a veritable mass of publications which really need to be sifted through properly to be appreciated.

Here are a few of our recommendations.

Sunday Circle

Probably the most popular magazine around, the Sunday Circle comes free with The Times every first Sunday of the month. It is usually packed with interesting and informative articles mostly in the form of interviews. There is also an extensive section on local gossip with celebrities as well as a plethora of special offers on several products. The main attraction of the Circle however is its reputation for advertisers which has consistently been on the rise for over 15 years and its pulling power is definitely something which cannot be discounted in any way.

M Magazine and Pink

M is an in house publication brought out by The Times and Allied publications. Along with its partner, Pink which caters for the female sex, M deals with mostly male related issues but focuses intrinsically on interviews with selected members of the business community and other interested parties. M is stylish in its writing and also includes a number of highly intriguing editorials which are all very readable and to the point. Pink offers more or less the same fare but obviously catered towards the female sex with some very interesting articles and highly informative pieces relating to the life of an upcoming female socialite.

Pjazza Magazine

This magazine has been steadily growing in stature ever since it was first published a few years back. It comes out with The Malta independent on Sunday and includes a variety of articles, interviews and commentary on several hot topics. The editor attempts to inject a certain joie de vivre into proceedings and more often than not the magazine is an entertaining read due to its variety.

Other interesting magazines which can be close to the top of the pile are Treasures of Malta issued by Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti and which deals with culture as well as Taste and Flair, both glossy publications which deal with food and interior design respectively.