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Times of Malta.Malta’s most popular newspaper is now online too! Covering daily the most important news about the Maltese Islands.

The Malta Times today includes a section about the latest financial and money issues, increasing business opportunities and details about more foreign companies investing locally.

Find here on this ever popular Malta Blog, news that you won’t even find on the Times of Malta, Sunday Times or anywhere else online!

How much does the Times of Malta costs?

Today’s Malta Times newspaper can be bought locally for only €0.50. It usually includes all the latest news about politics, legal issues, the travel and motoring industry, education sector (with special emphasis about the university), technology and software, finance and most definitely local and world sports. Classified advertising including career opportunities occupy a large section too, especially during the weekend.

One can read today’s Malta Times online for free by clicking here. The Times of Malta official web site also includes web 2.0 features with the aim of serving the community better and encouraging discussions. Such services include regularly updated blogs by prominent Maltese people, with search and commenting facilities. Expressing one’s opinion on any topic is always welcome.

The Times of Malta is an authorative reference, full of information for both locals and foreigners who want to know what’s happening today. Back issues of this newspaper can be ordered or downloaded too. Online one will also find media facilities, such as the ability to see and download video clips and photos. Check out the latest interviews too!

Published by the same company (Allied Newspapers Limited), the Malta Sunday Times is slight more expensive and is sold for €1.00, because it attracts more interest and includes much more information.

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7 Responses

  1. Mimi Bezzina says:

    I enjoy reading your paper. In fact I read it online almost everyday. It is the best newspaper in Malta according to me.

  2. Barry says:

    Mr Muscat doesn’t want the UK without freedom of movement in Europe? I presume that means tourists? He cancelled our holidays x6 people next year. Don’t want to go where we are not wanted eh. Choked.

  3. Anthony Attard says:

    I would like to see the obituaries.

  4. John Formosa says:

    I too love to start receiving the Times of Malta free online, thanks.

  5. Terry Hayward says:

    My wife is Maltese and wishes to receive The Times Of Malta for free. Is it possible? That would be a lovely.

  6. Regina says:

    I am interested in moving to Malta. Receiving the Times of Malta free online would give me a better idea of what it would be like to live in your beautiful country of Malta.

  7. Josephine Micallef says:

    Would love to start receiving the Times of Malta and Sunday Times for free online … thanks a million.

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