Malta is mostly well-known for its tasty Mediterranean food and diet. Considering the local abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, this is really not surprising, especially since our very own recipes are so good that foreigners are generally very curious about trying them out once they reach our shores.

This however, does not mean that restaurants specialising in other cuisines, are not as good. On the contrary, I have personally visited many such restaurants and find most of them an experience to die for. Here’s a short list of my own favourite Asian restaurants. In order of preference of course:

1. Huan Yuan Cantonese Restaurant in Mgarr, Gozo – This restaurant is literally up the road from the Gozo Ferry! Once you arrive in Gozo, simply walk up the hill and there it is, on your left. The place is not big but it’s still enough to cater for friends, families, big groups, business lunches, and even couples. The decor is exquisite and it is quite romantic. Apart from individual dishes, it has a couple of very worth-while set-menus as well. My personal favourite is the Duck in Pineapple sauce. And be sure to order fried ice-cream for dessert! The melted honey on top is just the perfect touch! Here is the link to the Tripadvisor page.

2. Shaukiwan Chinese Bar and Restaurant, Xemxija, Malta – Want to treat your whole family to a sizzling hot Chinese dinner? This is surely the place for you. The spacious restaurant not only offers a choice of a number of worthwhile set menus, but the weekend buffet dinner is really to die for! And not expensive at all! Parking is also included, since the building actually sports a large underground parking space underneath. All you have to do is use the appropriate lift to access the restaurant, and voila! There you are, wallowing in that delicious aroma of sweet and sour chicken, tasty duck pancakes and crunchy wantons with soya sauce. Take a look.

3. The Flora: Asian Fusion Restaurant, Bugibba, Malta – Vastly underrated and unknown, this restaurant is truly a hidden gem not to be missed. The food is simply delicious, the staff is very friendly and the decor is beautifully tailored to the theme of the place. It is a quiet, relaxing restaurant, perfect for a date. Of special note is the array of special flowering teas with healing and beneficial attributes on offer. Do ask for the flowering tea menu – truly the perfect way to end the evening. Here’s the link to the official website.

4. Lemongrass Oriental Cuisine, Rabat, Malta – This restaurant impressed me not only because of its very good and freshly made food and friendly staff, but also because of the many diverse full menus on offer. Ranging from €20 – €26, these set menus are not only worthwhile but will leave you pleasantly full. The decor of the restaurant is pleasant and relaxing. Perfect for a night out with friends or even a business dinner. Take a look.

5. Gochi Restaurant, St Julians, Malta – If you love sushi, sashimi and traditional Japanese food and munchies, this is the perfect place for you. The variety of items on offer, and at a very cheap price, is amazing. The sushi platters are beautiful and delicious, and one can even purchase traditional Japanese beer and drinks! Very nice ambiance and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Here’s the Tripadvisor page for a closer look.