Being the capital city of Malta, Valletta is renowned for its dining and culinary experience which ranges from the small eatery with modest prices onto the full fledged restaurant where one can spend lavish loads of cash on the best quality food and drink.

Here are a few restaurants which really make the grade, at least in our opinion.

The Carriage

Sumptuously situated on the fifth floor of Valletta Buildings in South Street, this quality restaurant has long been known for the excellent quality of food which it dispenses.

Add that to the stunning location and to the excellent silver service and you have a cocktail which truly demonstrates that eating out can really be that special occasion. The Carriage is also renowned for its considerable menu but its specialty is fresh fish which is a definite must have for all who savour an appetite for the marine.

La Mère Restaurant

A fascinating journey through Indian, Arabian, Mediterranean and Maltese Authentic Homemade Cuisines. La Mère wears its heart on the menu and ‘Love Your Food’ is the given command before your step through the door. There is a mesmerising variety of dishes to choose from. Also, a rarity in Malta, you can also bring your own bottle of wine at a small charge of €4.50.

Open daily from noon till 3pm & 7pm till 10:30pm (closed Monday lunch & Sunday dinner)
174, Merchant Street, Valletta | Tel: 21223256 / 99494721 |


Another classy restaurant located at the end of South Street facing Manoel Island, Giannini is a favourite for those who like to have class married with style. The windswept location is also extremely romantic and the silver service on offer shows that one can truly have the best quality in Malta. The restaurant’s menu is also highly commendable and very desirable in every sense with a wide variety of meats and fish which are served quite delectably.


Located in the heart of Old bakery Street, this fine restaurant has been on the top table for a number of years now. It has recently changed ownership but is still consistently one of the best restaurants on the island. Prices may be high and rather on the extravagant side but the quality of the food is absolutely something else. Homemade food is one of Rubino’s specialties and the choice of ingredients and the way the food is presented is truly eclectic to say the least. This one is certainly a restaurant to visit.

So there you have three of the best restaurants in Valletta which are certainly worth a visit. Others which spring to mind are the Blue Room at the bottom of Republic Street if you want some good quality Chinese Food as well as Café Premier if you are looking for something light. The Manoel Theatre Restaurant is also a good bet if you want to tuck into a nice dinner after an event there.