Top Restaurants for Sushi in Malta.Sushi has been incredibly on trend for a number of years now and it’s an area in which Malta excels. There are so many really lovely sushi restaurants and takeaways on the island but it can be a little scary trying somewhere new. So I thought it’d be super handy to have a little guide of the best tried and tested places for sushi in Malta.

  • Yoshi, Gzira – this is a little hidden away sushi place on Ponsomby Street, just a few meters up from the strand. They have a single table in case you want to eat in but is really designed as a takeaway and delivery option. Their sushi is incredibly reasonably priced but of amazing quality. I’ve never been disappointed with an order from Yoshi and recommend it to everyone! They have some options out on display or you can ask for something to be made up and they have a range of big and small platters that are all a complete bargain!
  • Medasia, Sliema – there are two options here, all round there is Medasia on the Sliema strand and in summer there is Medasia Playa on Qui Si Sana. Both do sushi and both are really good. There is nothing more perfect on a weekend than a day spent lounging around the pool at the Playa with a blueberry mojito and a platter of sushi next to you! Some people have commented that the tuna is not quite as good at Medasia as other places so if you’re a big tuna fan, maybe give that a miss, but I can never really tell any different!
  • Zest, St Julians – Zest is without a doubt the place to go for sushi. It’s more on the expensive side of things but if you want to treat yourself, it’s worth every penny. Best sushi available on the island, their restaurant is top class with great service and they do delivery also. I personally don’t love their other main dishes, but have never had a complaint to make about their delicious sushi!

If you are fond of sushi and are visiting or living in Malta, I’d 100% recommend these places.

Let us know if you try one!