Just Burger in St JuliansI believe that all meat eaters love a good burger. I’m not talking about fast food or junk food, but perfectly cooked, pink in the middle, juicy as you like, piled high with salad and sauces type burgers. In Malta there are plenty of burger joints to choose from, but which are the best? Here I’ve compiled a list of my tried and tested favourites!

  • Badass Burgers @ St Julians– has to be the royalty of burger joints in Malta. They have the widest range of bunned delights that I’ve ever seen, with various types of meats, sauces, salad fillings and even sweet potato fries, which are divine. The Obama is a personal favourite of mine but there are also chicken burgers, fish burgers, Thai burgers, spicy burgers, cheddar, feta, mozzarella, stilton, Maltese burgers, vegetarian burgers and that’s just a short selection. There is a bad habit in Malta of burger joints charging for fries separately, but at Badass, there is no such robbery- all the Burger prices on their menu include the potatoes of your choice! Badass Burgers also have a new ‘Quickie’ takeaway menu for someone who wants to grab a quick bite at a very low price.
  • Just Burger @ St Julians- Just Burger can be found in Paceville and is really as basic as the name suggests. They offer 4 different type of meat burgers and 2 vegetarian options, along with a number of different sauces. Simple, but effective. My favourite being a cheese burger with tarragon mayo on the side. Delicious. The meat is pink and juicy, packed with fresh salad and it’s nice to have a herby twist on a favourite sauce. They do charge extra for the chips though (€2).
  • Cardini @ Sliema– Cardini aren’t a burger joint as such but they do a small selection of awesome burgers. Well presented on a wooden board with fries or wedges in a cute little pot. The burgers are huge, so definitely one to try when you’re super hungry!
  • New York Best @ Msida- started off humbly in Msida next to the University. Their burgers are small and a little pricy but cooked well- pink, juicy and flavourful. In my opinion their new branch in Sliema is not as nice, and since opening their prices have gone up regularly, but if you’re in Msida and fancy a burger, it’s a must try!
  • Shoreditch @ St Julians- again, not a burger joint as such but a British themed cafe with delights such as a fish and chip wrap, steak baguette and a really tasty burger option. This burger is bigger than those from Just Burger and New York Best but not quite to Badass Burgers monstrous sizes. It’s the best value of the lot, seasoned perfectly and is always juicy and fresh.