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Category: Shopping

Boxing Day in Malta

To explain this tradition in Malta, we need to go back a little bit in history. As we may know Malta used to be a British colony, even during the World War II. In 1814 it officially became as a part of Great Britain and after...

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Christmas Grocery Shopping

Christmas is here, which in this modern commercial world means exactly two things: presents and food. As gifting more or less is personal and different in every single situation, I decided to bring you details from a world a...

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Hair Wigs for Women and Men

Wigs are arrangements of false hair which are put over the scalp (in the case of bald persons) or even on normal hair, in many cases to make it look long and luxuriant. Normally people use wigs to cover up their bald patches but...

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Malta SIM Card

Although international call rates have come down in recent years, calls to or from mobile phones whilst abroad can still be very high. If you’re coming to Malta for a holiday and intend to use your mobile phone whilst...

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Budget Accommodation

Finding somewhere wallet-friendly to stay on holiday has never been easier thanks to the internet. Many people have abandoned the package holidays that were once the mainstay of the tourist trade, and choose instead, a...

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Online since 2002, (formerly is arguably the most popular blog about Malta and the Maltese people. We encourage you to have your say and start contributing too!

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Dating in Malta