Finding somewhere wallet-friendly to stay on holiday has never been easier thanks to the internet. Many people have abandoned the package holidays that were once the mainstay of the tourist trade, and choose instead, a do-it-yourself vacation.

Low-cost airlines fly a number of regular routes to Malta from a variety of European countries, such as UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Sweden, so tourists taking advantage of the cheap fares need to rent accommodation for the duration of their holiday.

With the credit-crunch affecting many throughout Europe over the past two years, budget accommodation is in demand, particularly in the main tourist areas of Bugibba/Qawra, St. Pauls Bay, Mellieha and Sliema. Apartments usually form the bulk of budget accommodation in Malta, and the longer the rental, the cheaper the price. Budget apartments usually consist of 1 or 2 bedrooms, with the living room doubling up as sleeping space for the night-time, normally with a sofa-bed being used. In this way, a 2 bedroom apartment would have the potential for accommodating 6 people; splitting the cost 6 ways would be far more cost-effective than 4 people sharing the two bedrooms. These apartments usually have 1 bathroom with a shower, and a living/kitchen/dining area. The kitchen is normally equipped with pots, pans, utensils, a fridge (more options here), oven and hob, so cooking rather than eating out could reduce the cost of the holiday further.

Apartments at the cheaper end of the scale are usually found in a block, with 1 or possibly 2 balconies per apartment. Don’t expect these flats to have gardens or a swimming pool though, as land is scarce in Malta, and these sorts of facilities come at a premium. Prices are also seasonal, with the peak summer months of July and August being the most expensive time of year, making it more difficult to find a good bargain. Check out websites advertising these apartments and you’ll be able to see for yourself what’s on offer before making any booking.

Some 2 and 3-star hotels can also provide budget accommodation in Malta, but a tree luxury rentals can also come inside your budget and many tourists take advantage of special offers in the winter months, where guests can stay on a half-board basis for weeks on end at a fraction of the cost of staying in summer. These sorts of deals are usually advertised in national newspapers in Europe, and compromise a full package of flight transfers and the accommodation.