Get rewards or cash back, when buying from a selection of the most renowned online shopping portals. These bonuses are only available for users who visit a cashback site before actually making an online purchase.

Explaining in more details how this system works:

  • Let’s say, Shop A is a popular online shop that delivers items worldwide, even to Malta;
  • Shop A makes a deal with a webmaster and gives % commission for any sale originating from his site;
  • User stumbles upon the webmaster’s site and after seeing Shop A’s advert clicks on it;
  • User goes to Shop A main website and purchases an item that will be delivered to Malta;
  • The webmaster gets % commission from Shop A for forwarding him a client who bought a product;
  • Webmaster shares the commission with the user, by giving him/her cashback!
  • In few words, you will be able to buy things cheaper by first visiting a cashback Malta website, than by going on a popular shopping portal directly.

Hope I managed to explain you how this system works. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below. Will be updating this post shortly with a couple of the best websites I found that offer cashback for Maltese too.