Christmas is here, which in this modern commercial world means exactly two things: presents and food. As gifting more or less is personal and different in every single situation, I decided to bring you details from a world a grocery shopping, what is the same from every(one’s) point of view.

Christmas never goes without eating. And eating a lot. After Christmas everyone is making promises regarding losing weight, eating less, eating healthy and going to the gym.

These pledges are usually postponed from after-Christmas period to New Year’s January and most of the time they are not complied. Classic situation.But let’s skip back in time to the part of shopping.

Before Christmas everyone is literally going crazy for shopping. People spending their last month of the year with searching for suitable presents for family, friends, colleagues. When Christmas is almost knocking on our door (and all the presents are wrapped), it means there is time for the big grocery shopping. I never liked this marketing ploy, but as it shows, people would not survive this period without this ecstasy (ie: rapture).

I believe Christmas lunches and/or dinners are traditional in every country. The most common and traditional meals are usually made from turkey, goose/duck or fish. For Christmas every family is making unique food, for what we normally don’t even have time or nerves in the whole year. In my family for example the cooked ham with special mayonnaise salad is one of the unmissable dishes.

During the past days I noticed some ladies were pre-ordering at the supermarket. There are always exceptions who are thinking ahead. But let’s admit, we are human beings, lazy people due to nature and always leaving everything for the last second. I write this article especially for these “post-thinkers”.

I did some research as a help about grocery shops opening hours:

  • Arkadia (Portomaso) – classic opening hours every day, closed 25th December
  • Scotts – festive season opening hours
  • Smart (Balzan) – festive season special opening hours
  • Pavi (Qormi) – Xmas festivities
  • Chef’s Choice – public holidays 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • Lidl – extended opening hours

I just bought today enough fish for the next three days and I’m planning to make different variants of it. Probably it won’t be as good as my father is doing it, but at least I will get a small piece from the atmosphere from my home.

I wish you pleasant shopping and enjoyable cooking!